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Facilities Management

Communication Solutions

Facilities management (FM) encompasses a wide variety of roles across a variety of market sectors. FM’s endeavour to support essential activities through the coordination of people, places, processes, and technology. But whatever the task or industry, good communications are essential in enabling FM teams to carry out their day to day operations efficiently and safely. iTera has the best fit solutions for instant group communications, which provide more efficient, productive operations.

Facility Overview
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Enhanced Worker Safety

A variety of safety features can be added to radios, so in addition to emergency calling they can send automatic safety alerts to supervisors and colleagues as well, meaning FM workers are better protected.

Emergency Button

Radios come with an emergency ‘panic’ button, which can be programmed to send an alarm to supervisors and to colleagues’ radios, along with the person’s ID.

Emergency GPS Location Services

GPS-enabled radios allow commanders to locate and track users and can be used to pinpoint a user who has issued the alarm or who is in a man down situation.

Man Down and Lone Worker

The Lone Worker alarm is sent if the radio is inactive beyond a set time.

Intrinsically Safe Operations

iTera offers world-leading ‘intrinsically safe’, ATEX/IECEx certified hand portable terminals and accessories enabling FM workers to communicate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Worker Safety

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