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Hospitality & Events

Communication Solutions

Improving the Guest Experience

One way of doing this successfully is to ensure staff is always able to provide quick, efficient attention to guests, which can be easily achieved by equipping them with two-way radios. Digital media platforms promote instant customer feedback information that can either make or break hospitality businesses. This puts this industry under immense pressure to always provide first class service and security for guests.

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Better Efficiency

Hospitality is a diverse sector ranging from bars, restaurants and nightclubs to hotels, resorts, cinemas, theatres, and sporting events. Guest satisfaction is the main objective for attracting new customers and for ensuring happy customers return.

Better Coordination

Two-way radio group communications are essential for delivering timely services in hotels and restaurants and for responding to customer needs or for controlling crowds at a sports event or large venue.

Workflow Management

Radios can support job ticketing, status messaging and workflow management systems making it easy to schedule jobs, pre-assign workers to particular tasks, and to confirm when jobs are completed.

Instant Communications

When time is of the essence, PTT group calling via radio means managers can communicate with large numbers of staff simultaneously, rather than have to contact them all individually.

Hands-Free Wireless Operation

Integrated Bluetooth technology enables discreet wireless earpieces to be worn allowing hospitality staff to keep in touch with supervisors and colleagues, while still carrying out customer facing tasks.


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Hotel and Resort

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Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

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Sporting and Entertainment Venues

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