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City safety is our first priority.

As cities continue to develop, rapid increase in population poses new challenges to public safety management. There are problems of lack of means of warning, shortening of information and inaccurate analysis. In the process of the case, there are problems of low communication efficiency, weak dispatch capabilities, lack of historical information.
Police Cars
From emergency call taking system to visual command system, mega event security systems to incident analysis system, from PMR communication technology to broadband mission critical service.  It can meet the diverse needs of customers before, during and after the event, while coping with challenges and maintaining the sustainable development of the city.
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Daily Operation
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Mass Event Security
required to provide situation awareness, intelligence assistance and smooth communication to safeguard daily operations with efficient.
integrates different system and resource together into a unified command and control platform, providing dedicated solution for mission planning, operation monitoring, communication, dispatching
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Emergency Management
information between both individuals and groups of individuals, helping end user prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively before, during and after emergencies.
Industry Challenges

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