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iTERA Achinos GPS devices can be powered from a vehicle’s power supply, solar power, or long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

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This a powerful machine capable of multitasking by displaying the Visual Command System, the Call Taking Handling System, and the Alarm Incident Analysis or any Task.  

Using iTera Smart Screen Processor you can adjust the content in all kinds of ways.

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The multi-window display (also called multi-views) lets you show multiple contents all at once on a single large screen.

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It provides various connections, through which rich applications can be integrated into existing services to improve work efficiency.

typically used by police, fire and ambulance services, but they are also issued to prison staff, private security officers, healthcare workers, railway workers, traffic wardens and parking attendants, any workers who may face abuse and the threat of violence in their jobs.

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iTERA DMR Trunking Solution provides advanced, reliable and efficient PMR network with seamless coverage to ensure a safer city.

can be used as an on-site command center in multiple emergency scenarios such as firefighting, flood, earthquake, typhoon, etc.

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System is inherently mobile, adaptable, and intelligent. It is composed of the warning 

lights, smart PTZ dome, purpose-built mobile app, and all-in-one surveillance platform


Want to learn more about iTera Products and Solutions?

Please tell us your business needs, our specialist will analyze your pain points and offer the right solution. 

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